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Oil furnace prices don’t vary as much as those for gas furnaces, but as you shop for them, you will see significant price differences among them.  This oil furnace guide discusses the key factors in the price of oil furnaces, providing you with information you can use to choose the right one for your home. You can see how these factors affect cost in our most recent oil furnace reviews. [catlist=8]

Oil Furnace Size

The size of the furnace refers to its capacity to create heat, measured in Btu’s. Today’s oil furnaces range in size from about 60,000 Btu to 150,000 Btu.  The higher the capacity, the more it will cost, all else being equal.  These price samples from the Bryant Preferred 80 Model 374RAN oil furnace demonstrate how size affects price:

70,000 Btu model: $1,389; 115,000 Btu model: $1,679; 154,000 model: $2,049

Oil Furnace Efficiency

Efficiency measures how much of the heat created by an oil furnace makes it into your home.  An 80% efficient furnace makes use of 80% of the heat while 20% is lost in the exhaust gases.  Oil furnaces range in efficiency from 80% to about 87%.  Efficiency has a significant effect on price.  For example, compare the Bryant OVM oil furnace with 86.6% efficiency to the Bryant Preferred model we used in the example above.  It’s an 83.5% efficient furnace.

86.6% efficient, 154,000 Btu Bryant Preferred 80 Model 374RAN furnace: $2,049

83.5% efficient, 154,000 Btu Bryant OVM oil furnace: $2,259

Keep in mind that the more efficient an oil furnace is, the less fuel it will use.  It will cost more to buy but cost less to run.  If winters are cold where you live, you’ll recoup the extra cost of a more efficient furnace in just a few years.

Oil Furnace Features

There isn’t a great deal of difference among oil furnace features.  They all have single-stage burners unlike gas furnaces that can have single-stage, 2-stage or modulating burners. The primary feature difference is in the blower fan.  Some models have single-speed blowers, many have multispeed blowers that run lower at the beginning and end of the cycle, and a few have variable-speed blowers.  Variable-speed will make a moderate difference in your home’s comfort, producing more balanced heating than single-speed or multispeed blowers will.  They will cost up to 15% more.  For example, a 119,000 Btu 85.9% efficient Ruud ROLA Lowboy oil furnace with a single-speed blower costs $1,629.  A 119,000, 86% efficient Carrier Performance VS 80 Model 58VMR with a variable-speed blower costs $1,879.


Keep these factors in mind as you research HVAC prices on this site.  They’ll help you understand cost differences as you compare oil furnace prices and models.

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