Ruud ROCA Highboy Series Oil Furnace Price

If you are looking for a durable, reliable oil furnace, the Ruud ROCA Highboy Series furnace is worth consideration.  Ruud products do well in HVAC reviews for quality and performance.  This new-generation Ruud Roca oil furnace is efficient, quiet and clean-burning.  It uses quality components and will help keep your home warm and comfortable all heating season.  With ECM controls that are compatible with a 2-stage AC or heat pump, it will also improve indoor control of temperature and humidity in every season.  The 85.9% efficiency is very good for this class of oil heaters and should cut fuel costs by 15% to 30%, possibly more, when it replaces an older oil furnace.  It isn’t as efficient as many gas furnaces with their 90% to 97% efficiency, but if you need to choose oil, this one will help keep costs in check.

The Ruud ROCA Highboy oil furnace uses quality components like the Riello Carlin burner which is highly rated in HVAC reviews.  ECM control board and the Honeywell thermostat are also reliable and long-lasting.  In addition, this is a hybrid heat system.  This means it can be paired with a heat pump, not just a central air conditioner.  If you choose an efficient heat pump, it will cost less to heat your home in cool weather with the heat pump. When the weather gets very cold and the heat pump isn’t effective, you can switch to oil heating.  A heat pump may cost 15% more than a central air conditioner but you’ll make that up in just a few years of cost-effective heating.  Next, we summarize the top features of the Ruud ROCA Highboy Series furnace.  Below, you’ll find HVAC prices for the model as well as an idea of installation costs.

89.5% efficiency; Energy Star qualified.

Single-stage Beckett or Riello Carlin burner.  Both are highly rated.

Durable aluminized steel heat exchanger is tough and efficient.

Honeywell thermostat is high-quality and precise.

ECM blower and control board for efficient operation.

Extended vestibule makes cleaning and maintaining the burners easy.

Dual fuel compatible.

Sizes from 84,000 Btu to 175,000 Btu to fit most homes.

Lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty is average for the industry.

5-year parts limited warranty. Some oil furnaces have a 10-year parts warranty.

Ruud ROCA Highboy Series Oil Furnace Cost

These Ruud ROCA Highboy Series oil furnace price samples give you an idea of what you should expect when you get written estimates from heating companies in your area.

105,000 Btu Ruud ROCA Highboy Series oil furnace: $1,629

119,000 Btu Ruud ROCA Highboy Series oil furnace: $1,799

140,000 Btu Ruud ROCA Highboy Series oil furnace: $2,049

175,000 Btu Ruud ROCA Highboy Series oil furnace: $2,259

Ruud ROCA Highboy Oil Furnace Installation

The cost of installation will vary based on how much time and materials are required in your home.  The less complex the installation, the less it will cost.  Be sure to get multiple estimates and choose the qualified contractor you believe will do the best job for you.  When you get installation estimates, expect them to range from $2,000 to $3,200.


If you want an efficient, dependable oil furnace that will give you a solid 15-20 years, more with proper maintenance, this one is a worth serious consideration.  Depending on the size of the furnace you need for your home and the cost of installation, you’re total costs should range from $3,500 to $5,600.

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