American Standard Gold ZM Freedom 95 Comfort-R Variable-Speed Furnace Price


The American Standard Gold ZM furnace is 96.7% efficient with 2-stage heating and variable-speed fan. The Comfort-R feature removes more humidity during cooling. This furnace will make any home very comfortable. Part of American Standard’s second-best line, it would be the best model from many other brands.

With super-high efficiency, this model is ideal for cold climates and for those who want an eco-friendly gas furnace that uses less energy. This American Standard Gold ZM gas furnace review gives you details you can use to evaluate this model for your home. See all our gas furnace reviews for comparable models in the Carrier Performance, Lennox Elite, Rheem Classic and Bryant Preferred Series.

American Standard Gold ZM Comfort-R Variable-Speed Furnace Features

Short of offering modulating heating, this furnace has everything you want. The 2-stage heating runs on low capacity most of the time to balance temperatures throughout your home. The variable-speed blower is quiet and reduces cold-air blasts at the start of cycles. Comfort-R humidity control enhances comfort when the central air conditioner is running by removing more humidity with continuous low-speed fan between cycles.

Here’s a sketch of all the top features:

96.7% AFUE; Energy Star rated.

2-stage heating and variable-speed blower.

Old name: American Standard Freedom 95. New name: American Standard Gold ZM

Dual heat exchangers for making better use of the heat produced with less waste.

Models available with all configurations: Upflow, downflow, horizontal.

Models from 58,000 BTU to 114,000 BTU.

Lifetime heat exchanger warranty; 10-year parts warranty. Average for quality gas furnaces.

American Standard Gold ZM Variable-Speed Furnace Cost

With the high efficiency and the performance features that enhance indoor climate control, this is an expensive furnace. The upside is that it will lower heating bills significantly when it replaces a furnace that is 15-25 years old. Here is the American Standard Gold ZM Freedom 95 gas furnace price for the most popular sizes of this furnace.

58,000 Btu Gold ZM gas furnace: $2,139

76,000 Btu Gold ZM gas furnace: $2,389

95,000 Btu Gold ZM gas furnace: $2,649

114,000 Btu Gold ZM gas furnace: $3,159

American Standard Gold ZM Freedom 95 Furnace Installation

This is not a difficult or expensive gas furnace to install. It can be vented out a side wall which will lower the installation cost. Get at least 3 written estimates for the furnace and installation, but expect the installation part of it to be $1,250-$2,000. The variables on the estimate include the level of dealer competition and cost of living where you live. Installation will also be more during the busy season for furnace contractors.


This is a dynamic gas furnace that offers lower utility bills and a very comfortable home. It’s not the cheapest high-efficiency furnace, but you get what you pay for with the American Standard Gold ZM gas furnace.

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