Bryant Preferred Series Model 226A 16.5 SEER Heat Pump Price

The 2-stage Bryant Preferred Series 226A is an efficient, dual fuel heat pump ideal for all but the hottest climates. With 2-stage performance, it offers gentler heating and cooling than single-stage models, especially when matched with a variable-speed blower. With dual fuel capability, it works well alongside a Bryant gas furnace in cold climates. When the weather is cool, use the efficient heat pump to heat with; when the weather drops below freezing and the heat pump isn’t effective, switch to gas heat. It’s the best way to have the lowest possible heating bills.

This Bryant Preferred Series 226A heat pump price review gives you all the details you need to evaluate this model for yourself. See our HVAC prices to compare this model with others or with gas furnace prices if you’re debating which type of heat to use. Here are the top Bryant Preferred 226A heat pump features.

16.5 SEER cooling, 9.5 HSPF heating; Energy Star

2-stage performance offers better control of temperature and humidity.

Match with a variable-speed air handler or furnace for best results.

Durable compressor is protected by high-pressure and low-pressure switches.

Heavy compressor blanket and sound muffler reduces operating noise.

Galvanized cabinet with powder-coat finish looks better longer.

Coil guard prevents damage to the coil from yard hazards.

10-year compressor and parts warranty is average quality heat pumps.

Available in sizes from 2-5 tons.

Bryant Preferred 226A 16.5 SEER Heat Pump Cost

As a 2-stage heat pump, this unit costs 15%-25% more than comparable single-stage models. If you’d prefer to spend less on the heat pump, the Bryant Preferred Series offers several single-stage models too. Here are current heat pump prices for the Bryant 226A.

2 ton Bryant Preferred 226A heat pump: $2,739

3 ton Bryant Preferred 226A heat pump: $2,959

4 ton Bryant Preferred 226A heat pump: $3,259

5 ton Bryant Preferred 226A heat pump: $3,689

Bryant Preferred 226A Heat Pump Installation

Installation costs are estimated on the time and materials it will take to complete the work. If an old unit needs to be disconnected and removed, that will increase the cost. It makes sense to get at least 3 written estimates to find the best prices where you live. Depending on the specifics of the job, installation for just a heat pump will cost $1,600-$2,500.


For moderate and cold climates, this is a heat pump worth considering. It offers good efficiency, 2-stage comfort and the versatility of being dual fuel compatible. When you consider the cost of the heat pump along with installation, your total costs will be $4,300-$6,200.

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