Maytag Model PSH4BI iQ Drive – 22 SEER Heat Pump Price

The Maytag Model PSH4BI iQ Drive heat pump, formerly known as the M1200 22 SEER heat pump is one of the most efficient models currently available. The Carrier Greenspeed 25VNA heat pump has a higher HSPF of 13, but few can match the 22 SEER of the Maytag Model PSH4BI iQ Drive. The key to its efficiency is the modulating compressor that runs at 40% to 100% capacity depending on the precise heating or cooling needs of the moment. It will adjust automatically, in increments of just 1-3%, in order to create balanced temperatures with little or no fluctuation.

The inverter-rotary compressor also provides superior dehumidification to 2-stage heat pumps during cooling cycles, making your home more comfortable all summer long. This rotary technology is quieter, with operating noise below 60 decibels.

As you can see, there’s a lot to like about this heat pump. We outline its key features and provide heat pump prices below. Our goal is to help you evaluate this heat pump in light of your specific heating and cooling requirements. Here are the top features of the Maytag Model PSH4BI iQ Drive/M1200 22 SEER heat pump.

22 SEER cooling, 10.0 HSPF heating; Energy Star qualified.

Modulating rotary compressor is unsurpassed for control of temperature, humidity and air filtration/purification.

iQ Drive controller is programmable and offers maintenance reminders and diagnostics.

Stainless steel jacket offers unique beauty and outstanding durability.

12-year compressor and parts warranty. If the compressor fails, the entire heat pump will be replaced. One of the top warranties in the industry.

Maytag Model PSH4BI iQ Drive Heat Pump Cost

This isn’t a cheap heat pump.  That much efficiency and home comfort carries a significant price tag.  Maytag HVAC prices are high, especially on top of the line models.  But the rewards are high too. This unit won’t be attractive to every home owner; it appeals to high-end consumers in warm climates and those who are committed to the greenest technology available. While prices will vary where you live, here is a good idea of what you can expect when you get written estimates.

3 ton Maytag PSH4BI iQ Drive heat pump: $3,689

4 ton Maytag PSH4BI iQ Drive heat pump: $4,159

5 ton Maytag PSH4BI iQ Drive heat pump: $4,559

Maytag Model PSH4BI iQ Drive Heat Pump Installation

You’ll get the most benefit from this heat pump if you install it as part of an entire Maytag M1200 Series HVAC system. If you do, your installation costs will be +/-$5,000. If you’ve got a compatible gas furnace or air handler already, your installation cost for just the heat pump should be: $1,400-$2,200.


If you want the best heat pump currently available, an argument can be made that this is it. The Maytag Model PSH4BI iQ Drive/M1200 22 SEER heat pump offers superior performance, high efficiency and quality backed by a very good warranty.

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