Armstrong Model 418LE 18 SEER Central Air Conditioner Price

The Armstrong  418LE 18 SEER central air conditioner is a popular model with those who want the efficiency and performance of similar Trane or Lennox models but want to spend less on equipment.  You’ll spend perhaps 15% less on this model than you would on comparable models from the so-called “leading brands” and still get quality and reliability. With Energy Star qualified 18 SEER and 2-stage cooling, this AC will help you enjoy excellent home comfort and lower utility bills.

This Armstrong 418LE 18 SEER price review provides you with current, accurate pricing for this model. In addition, we outline its key features to help you evaluate this model for yourself. Browse our list of air conditioner prices for similar models you can compare this one with – models like the Trane XL16i, Goodman DSXC or the Amana ASX 18 SEER air conditioners.

18 SEER cooling, Energy Star rated.

2-stage compressor offers better temperature and humidity control.

Internal pressure switches protect the compressor and optimize performance.

Multiple sound-reduction features including compressor blanket and swept fan blades.

Upgraded cabinet design and coil protection enhance durability.

10-year parts and compressor warranty is as good as Carrier Infinity and other top-tier models.

Armstrong Model 418LE 18 SEER Central Air Conditioner Cost

How does this model compare with best sellers from Trane, Carrier or Lennox?  These HVAC prices allow you to compare models head to head that you may be considering for your next purchase.

3 ton Armstrong Model 418LE air conditioner: $2,459

4 ton Armstrong Model 418LE air conditioner: $2,879

5 ton Armstrong Model 418LE air conditioner: $3,149

Armstrong 418LE Central Air Conditioner Installation

Installation prices can vary for a number of reasons.  Some homes offer easy installation and some are more complex.  If extra refrigerant and lines are used, the price will go up. Installation in an attic or crawl space costs more than installation in a first-floor utility room. You get the point.  Specific factors produce a range in installation costs. These prices don’t include the installation of a gas furnace too.  For a complete HVAC system installation, the price may be double.  For just the AC, your installation should be $1,200-$2,200.


It always makes sense to get at least 3 estimates for the cost of the air conditioner and the installation cost. Start there, and then feel free to attempt to negotiate a lower cost with your preferred contractor. If you have the Armstrong Model 418LE central air conditioner installed, consider using our comment form to share your costs and what you think of the unit.

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