Trane XP80 Oil Furnace Price

Trane makes one of the largest collections of HVAC products available.  There is a furnace to meet every need, and the Trane XP80 oil furnace is designed to be an inexpensive but dependable furnace that will provide excellent comfort for your home.  It is well-built, with solid components, and should provide 15-20 years at least of reliable warmth.  With a 4-speed blower motor it will produce balanced indoor comfort whether in heating mode or working with a central air conditioner.

This Trane XP80 oil furnace price review lists the top features of the furnace to let you know what you’ll be getting if you select this model.  Prices for the furnace and installation are included below.  Here are those features:

  • 82.7% AFUE is average for basic-efficiency oil furnaces.
  • Includes a heavy-gauge, one-piece heat exchanger crafted from hot-rolled steel.
  • Sealed ceramic fiber combustion box for safer, more efficient combustion and quick heating.
  • The Beckett Flame Retention burner is one of the highest-rated on the market.
  • Four-speed blower motor optimizes comfort and balanced temperatures when heating or cooling.


Trane XP80 Oil Furnace Cost

Trane-hvac-prices-picTrane makes 8 different models of the XP80 oil furnace and each one comes in 4 sizes, with Btu output ranging from 70,000 Btu to 114,000 Btu.  This gives you the versatility you need to install the furnace in the location that makes the most sense for your home – basement, utility closet, attic, etc. – as well as the right size to keep your home comfortable without wasting energy with an oversized furnace.  These oil furnace prices are for reference and reflect an average cost paid by consumers.

70,000 Btu Trane XP80: $1,459

87,000 Btu Trane XP80: $1,649

98,000 Btu Trane XP80: $1,759

114,000 Btu Trane XP80: $1,899

Trane XP80 Oil Furnace Installation Cost

Installation costs are the biggest variable in the cost of the complete job.  They vary based on the ease or difficulty of the installation and how much additional material and time is included, if any.  Our installation cost estimates include minor sheet metal work and venting, but don’t include charges for an oil tank,  installing duct work or removing and disposing of an old furnace.

This is a simple furnace and is easy to install in most circumstances.  Depending on the specific factors involved, your installation costs should fall in this range: $2,000 to $3,5000.


This furnace offers reliable heating and good efficiency.  It’s a good choice where heating oil is more economical than natural gas or electricity.  If you choose one for your home, based on the size and installation variables, you can expect your total cost for the equipment and installation to be from $3,500 to $5,400.

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