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When it comes time to make that fix or repair decision on your home’s HVAC system the first and foremost thing you need is information.  Information in terms of how long of a life should be expected by a specific unit, how much it costs to repair the unit you already have and how much an install of a new system will set you back.  This site aims to answer all of those questions, but most importantly focuses greatly on the cost of replacing your system with a new HVAC system.  Given the disincentive for local HVAC companies to share pricing information (consumers armed with pricing information would demand lower costs) it is no wonder this information can be so hard to come by online and in everyday life.  This site sets out to rectify that and give you the information you need to know when you are getting a square deal.

What Impacts HVAC Prices

When it comes to the consumer cost of an HVAC system several things go into the final check you will write.  At a very high level we can split this into two very broad categories as they relate to cost: the cost of the HVAC unit itself and the cost to install said unit.  Let’s look at each to understand what drives these costs to be higher or lower.

How HVAC Installation Cost varies

hvac-prices-online-homeFirst and foremost every consumer should be cognizant of the fact that a great deal of the longevity of their HVAC system and the efficiency it displays can be traced back directly to the installation of the system.  For this reason you should be certain that the one you select is a quality installer.  When it comes to the price differences between the installation price of units usually 3 things come into play:

1. How well known the installer is and their reputation (better reputation, higher price generally)
2. How many features does the HVAC system you are installing have (more features, higher installation price generally)
3. General economic climate – if the economy is going well prices for installation generally rise and vice versa.

 What impacts specific HVAC system price

Once it comes time to select the specific unit you are going to install it is important to understand that there are things that influence the price of the units.  When looking at HVAC systems there are 3 things that generally impact the price that you will pay for the unit:

1. SEER or AFUE rating on unit – the higher the rating, the more design and components it takes and therefore the price goes up
2. Reputation – the better the reputation of the brand the higher you will pay (expect to pay a premium for Trane while you might expect a discount if you go with a Payne)
3. Quality of components – the better the parts that go into the unit the higher the price is.  Thankfully you will normally get a longer life with those higher quality parts, but it does come at a price.

Here at HVAC Prices Online we strive to give you a good cross section of the units available on the market today.  We focus on the home owner and include the following types of HVAC systems in our price analysis:

  • Central Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pump Systems
  • Central Heating Systems (Gas or Oil Furnace)
  • Packaged Units

 How to get the best price on your next HVAC system

At the end of the day you want to have a quality system that will last you for years, but doesn’t completely break the bank.  The simple reality is that this HVAC system is going to be with you for the next 15-20 years and therefore making a sound decision up front is imperative.  Our recommendations on how to ensure you get the best unit for your home at a square price are:

  • Use Qualified Installers as this will have the greatest impact on longevity and efficiency of the unit
  • Do your homework on the company you purchase from – licensing is a necessity, but also how is their reputation
  • Get at least 3 HVAC Quotes to get the best deal

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